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Dissertation-Proofreading.com provides wide-ranging dissertation proofreading services for the authors of Phd, Master’s and Bachelaor dissertations. Our dissertation proofreaders are highly educated in many different subject areas and are carefully trained to work on dissertations. We have the experience and expertise to help you to improve the grammar, spelling, punctuation, references and formatting until your dissertation is polished to perfection. Below are the dissertation proofreading services that we currently offer, but if your academic field is not mentioned here, please contact us, as we are sure to have an expert proofreader ready to assist you.

PhD Dissertation Proofreading

PhD students can risk failure if university guidelines are not followed or the PhD dissertation contains grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Take advantage of our PhD dissertation proofreading services to succeed.

Master’s Dissertation Proofreading

To avoid failure and its consequences, send your Master’s dissertation to us and we will be happy to help you to succeed by proofreading your dissertation.

Bachelor’s Dissertation Proofreading

Our dedicated team of dissertation proofreaders will give you more confidence in the writing you submit. Our master’s dissertation proofreading services will provide all the necessary corrections.

Scientific Dissertation Proofreading

The professional scientific dissertation proofreaders at Dissertation-Proofreading.com can help you to meet the rigorous demands of scientific writing and reduce the risk of failure by using our scientific dissertation proofreading services for your writing.

Medical Dissertation Proofreading

Our professional medical dissertation proofreading services can help you to perfect your grammar, spelling, punctuation, references and formatting and achieve successful graduation.

Bioscience Dissertation Proofreading

Bioscience dissertation proofreading services for students working in all fields of the biological sciences to perfect your dissertation.

Social Sciences Dissertation Proofreading

Social sciences dissertation proofreading services for research students preparing their final dissertation for submission or examination.

Psychology Dissertation Proofreading

We offer professional psychology dissertation proofreading services of the highest academic quality for students working in the psychology field.

Engineering Dissertation Proofreading

The professional engineering dissertation proofreaders have the expertise to help you polish your dissertation to perfection.

Humanities Dissertation Proofreading

The humanities dissertation proofreading team can ensure that all elements of your dissertation are accurate and meet the requirements the guidelines.

Economics Dissertation Proofreading

We will correct your grammar, citations and readability wherever necessary to ensure a perfectly polished social sciences dissertation.

Why Us?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

All our dissertation proofreaders are highly qualified native English speakers. The price is worked out at a flat rate per 1,000 words, so you know exactly how much the proofreading of your dissertation will cost in advance.

Subject Matter Proofreaders
Experienced US and UK proofreaders are available in your academic field.

Secure and Confidential
We will never give away personal details or reveal anything about your dissertation. The security of your dissertation is guaranteed by us. Files are transferred over a secure network, and your disseration will be deleted after one calendar month.

Reference Check
Our dissertation proofreaders will make sure that your sources are cited correctly whether you use Harvard referencing, APA style or any other citation style.

We are a dedicated provider of proofreading services for the authors of dissertations in all academic areas, including engineering, mathematics, medicine, economics, the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.

We use the ‘track changes’ function of Microsoft Word when your dissertation is proofread. This function allows you to move easily between changes and accept any or all of the modifications proposed by the dissertation proofreader. Corrections, suggestions and comments are shown in the right-hand margin and are easy to incorporate into your dissertation.

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If you are interested in our dissertation proofreading services, please send us your dissertation, stating the academic field, deadline and any formatting or style requirements.


PhD Dissertation Proofreading

Our PhD dissertation proofreaders specialise in improving grammar, sentence structure, citations, references, clarity, logical flow and readability.

Master’s Dissertation Proofreading

To avoid failure and its consequences, send your dissertation to our master’s dissertation proofreading service.

Scientific Dissertation Proofreading

Our scientific proofreaders specialise in correcting and perfecting the language, editorial styles and references across all science fields.


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